Airplay and Cows!

This week on my journey through the peaks and valleys of life:  



I’m starting off 2020 with some airplay! The peakofmyweek was learning that “Startin’ Somethin’ Good” and “Endless Night” will be broadcast this Sunday, March 1 between 7-9 AM EST (6-8 AM CST) on WHUS UCONN 97.1 Square Pegs & Round Holes, hosted by Chicopee John. The deejay played the title track from that EP, “No Place But Up,” just a couple weeks ago. I also have a new single coming out soon – will keep you posted!  

There has been some new activity in the co-writing arena. I had my first artist co-write and she seems interested in recording the song we worked on. Before y’all jump up and down with joy, here’s the reality check songwriters have to always give ourselves: it’s not a done deal until the song is actually released to the public. In fact, some of my co-writing sessions have been postponed for several months because they are busy touring and writing with other artists and songwriters. That having been said, I’m excited about all these new opportunities from persistently and consistently networking, showing support for other musicians, and playing writers rounds.  

I guess a sign of things to come happened when one of our neighbor’s cows made a breakout through a hole in the fence and showed up in our front yard, calmly eating the grass. This went on for about a week, and I got a couple photos.  

Hope your year is going great!  

Musically yours,