Creativity and a YouTube Challenge

I hope all of you are continuing to stay healthy and free of COVID19!  A woman in France I never knew was a fan tuned in to one of my Facebook Live sessions, and I replied to her in French. I have finished 3 new songs – one is a solo write and two are co-writes with other Nashville based songwriters. When I’m not writing I’m calling friends to see how they are doing. The cruelty of this pandemic in robbing people of their loved ones really hit home for me even more how someone can suddenly be gone from this earth. Which brings me to the inspiration for my new song, “Crossing Bridges.” If the pandemic doesn’t motivate families who have been torn apart by disputes to reunite, I don’t know what will. Below my YouTube challenge is  a link to the YouTube video. Let me know your thoughts on “Crossing Bridges!” 

YOUTUBE CHALLENGE: if you help me reach 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel, I will enter you into a contest to win a signed copy of the lyrics to one of my songs. I will scan it and email it to you as a thank you. Crossing Bridges

Besides writing and calling friends, I’m job hunting – gotta pay for the music habit until it starts to pay for itself and for my living expenses. I’m also taking walks past the cattle ranches and enjoying the company of a purebred Australian shepherd dog who follows me down the street. Guess he wants to make sure I’m not up to no good lol! 

Musically yours,