A veteran of the underground music scene in Baltimore for decades, Gregtape's guitar playing has been breathing life into every project he touches. His firey fret work has been described as akin to a "double helix" by Maryland Musician Magazine.
From his first experience at original song writing with the Melvyn in the late 80's, Greg's style and technique have been evolving.

After the disbandment of the Melvyn, he went on to become the principal music writer for Sub-mensas, becoming a powerful song writing duo with vocalist Damon Norko. In 1990, their song "Accident" received extensive airplay on "WCVT" - Towson University’s radio station. They played at the Sylvan Amphitheatre on the grounds of the Washington monument, and their biggest gig was opening for GWAR at the WYST music hall (now known as the 9:30 Club), also in DC. In 1992, they released a cassette called “Sub-songs '92." They disbanded just as they finished recording their CD ( the working title was  “Wandering Down the Psycho Path " ) most of which recently appeared on a compilation disc of early to late Submensas recordings called "Trading cards of glory" released in 2012.

Gregtape has played shows from DC to New York with the band, Waterplanet. This project resulted from a propitious reconnecting with one of the principal songwriters/members of the Melvyn. Greg is also part of an acoustic Americana fusion duo, Double Intrigue. 

Gregtape started working on some recordings of his own and put together a disc of self-penned tunes entitled: "Against all Odds and Over Every Obstacle Here’s Gregtape" The title is a reflection on the life-changing setbacks, breakdowns, and interruptions he endured in the making of the disc. His second disc, "Now What? " is a work in progress.

Other side projects Gregtape is currently involved with include "House Banned" a- 60's -70's style cover band, and a blues band called " Chico Maccarthy and the Night Circus." One of Greg and Chico’s songs - “Teardrops and Blood” - was featured on WVUD voice of Delaware radio. And last but not least, a studio project creating soundtrack music.